Our Vision

River Oak Academy’s vision is to build meaningful relationships among children, the community, and the natural environment.

We are inspired to nurture each child toward empathy, compassion, ecological consciousness, engaged inquiry, and collaboration.

We learn as much from children as they learn from us.

Our Mission

River Oak Academy invites children ages 3 – 11 to explore the physical, environmental, social-emotional, cultural, and historical world that surrounds them.

Within the safe boundaries of the River Oak community children are inspired to develop habits of thinking that shape how they will live. Our work is to nurture dispositions in young children towards understanding themselves, respectful relationship with other living things, a joyful curiosity and deep interest in learning.

Our Philosophy

At River Oak Academy, children interact in a rich, nurturing environment designed to stimulate their curiosity about the world and to encourage learning through inquiry, exploration, and play. Within each individual classroom, the daily schedule and the physical environment are arranged to provide children with opportunities to express their interests, build confidence in their natural abilities, and develop appreciation for each person’s unique approach to learning.

We recognize the importance of an authentic, child-centered environment which is rich in creativity and provides a wide variety of interactions with people and materials. We make every attempt to meet each child at his/her level and to identify special strengths and the need for support.

Within each age group are developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning. An atmosphere of invitation is created by teachers, in which the children can explore and develop ideas. All children have materials available to sustain their interests, and teachers continually provide materials and experiences which scaffold familiar areas. The resulting child-driven activities, guided and supported by teachers each school day, continue over many days, weeks, even months.

The children’s work and interactions create a model for learning where they are encouraged to make decisions, solve problems, make friendships, and develop independence and responsibility. Activities involve arts and crafts, dramatic play, indoor and outdoor play, language, mathematical concepts, music, and nature. Within the outdoor classroom, children are free to observe, inquire, and deeply explore their understanding of the world around them.

Experiences are documented in wall panels displayed in the hallways and classrooms, along with photographs, the children’s words, and teacher’s interpretations. This communicates that we believe children are powerful, social beings, in charge of their own learning. We feel privileged to guide and support them on their journey.