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“Explore”, to search, inquire or travel in or through. This studio is rich with invitations to actively explore their environment and manipulate materials where they identify and develop concepts, processes, and skills. This aptly describes the intent of the Explorer Studio for our youngest learners at River Oak.

Full-time Program  M-F(8:30 – 2:30) 5-6 year olds
Part-time Program  T-F(8:30 – 2:30) 5-6 year olds 

Our environment is intentionally supportive of the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of young children, and is rich with invitations to explore, examine, reflect and discover.

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The Viva Studio responds organically to children’s interests and explorations, supporting their growth as individuals and members of a group. Studio teachers observe and respond to children’s investigations by creating interesting challenges and posing questions that encourage the development of important competencies.

Knowledge is constructed through play, direct experience, and social interaction.

Projects are multi-faceted, include the arts, and are driven by the children’s sustained interest.

Each child is supported in developing a mind and skill set to facilitate an eventual move into River Oak’s Elementary Studio after they are 7 years-old and have demonstrated mastery of all relevant skills – particularly those pertaining to character development of kindness, compassion and confidence.

In tune with the development of a young child, activities and adventures are multi-sensory and creative, including explorations into language arts/ literacy, mathematics. science, and the performing arts.

Every aspect of the schedule and material in the space inspires children to playfully explore concepts and scaffold learning, while developing a strong sense of self and appreciation for the vision and approach of others.

We celebrate this opportunity to share in the young child’s jubilant journey toward independence, confidence, and self-discovery.

“Where the Exploration is the Discovery”