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“Discover”, to find, become aware of, be the first to recognize. This is the place where elementary aged children are inspired to delve a little deeper to discover  concepts  leading to further investigation.

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Children deserve relevant and modern education that no longer teach them stale facts and require memorization of figures. With our low student to teacher ratios, our students learn “how to learn” and push themselves forward through self-paced, multidisciplinary project-based learning. 

Explorers are empowered to accept freedom and responsibility for choices. They develop a high level of independence by taking charge of their own learning, working alongside the teacher to set their own weekly work goals, and grow in their ability to develop research skills.

The Studio engages in hands on experiments, discovery nature walks, and other relevant projects as they respond to the world around them.

In our mixed age environment independent of chronological ages or grades, children discover how to engage and form meaningful relationships with their fellow students of many ages and their teachers. By providing them with more time to connect with nature during the day, their levels of engagement and focus increase and this maximizes learning throughout the day. 

Cognitive skills and core values are nurtured and encouraged, each child learning at their own pace with mastery of each idea before moving on. 

An individualized approach to developing core skills of reading, writing, and math assure they are always gaining new knowledge. We model and instill good values and strong character,  allowing  children to have freedom within predetermined guard rails over their learning to foster  growth mindsets and perspectives. 

Cultivating knowledge through exploration of their interests. Across these kinds of rich experiences, students create real-world deliverables in our beautiful indoor classrooms, a cutting-edge Tech corner, Adventure Room and an outdoor Art Studio. They are given  creative opportunities and spaces to master critical thinking, problem solving skills, and a spirit of adventure about their purpose and educational development.

River Oak’s natural setting across from the Saint John’s River and neighboring animals inspire children and adults to deepen a love of the natural world, awareness of the environment, and grow an appreciation for all living things.

montessori schools jacksonville fl

We believe that a school should be a place for character building, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. We see children as competent individuals capable of guiding their own learning. This is why we combine several educational approaches to encourage deep lifelong learning, not just academically but communication, habits, goals and character.

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