Explorer Studio

The Explorer Studio is intentionally designed to support the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development of learners ages 7-11 with varied opportunities to discover, reflect, and grow.

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Explorers are empowered to accept freedom and responsibility for choices. They develop a high level of independence by taking charge of their own learning, working alongside the teacher to set their own weekly work goals, and grow in their ability to develop research skills.

The Studio engages in hands on experiments, discovery nature walks, and other relevant projects as they respond to the world around them.

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Children engage with their surroundings and with each other.

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Cognitive skills and core values are nurtured and encouraged, each child learning at their own pace with mastery of each idea before moving on.

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Cultivating knowledge through exploration of their interests.

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River Oak’s natural setting across from the Saint John’s River and neighboring animals inspire children and adults to deepen a love of the natural world, awareness of the environment, and grow an appreciation for all living things.