River Oak Academy

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The River Oak Academy Difference

An environment of kindness, respect, and inclusivity helps develop each student’s abilities, confidence, and sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.


Cultivate the innate sense of wonder and discovery that all children have to encourage growth, enthusiasm, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

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Children develop independence as they explore their passion, learning in an authentic way, constructing a foundation in each child for lifelong learning.

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Children develop relevant 21st century skills, preparing them to meet the world with the combined wisdom of an intelligent mind, a skilled hand, and a compassionate heart.

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The Purpose of River Oak Academy

Kind, Confident & Creative Students

Our Vision

River Oak Academy’s vision is to build meaningful relationships among children, the community, and the natural environment. We are inspired to nurture each child toward empathy, compassion, ecological consciousness, engaged inquiry, and collaboration. We learn as much from children as they learn from us.

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Our Mission

At River Oak Academy, children interact in a rich, nurturing environment designed to stimulate their curiosity about the world and to encourage learning through inquiry, exploration, and play. Within each individual class, the daily schedule and the classroom environment are arranged to give the children opportunities to express their interests and build confidence in their natural abilities and approach to learning.

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Our Philosophy

We recognize the importance of an authentic, child-centered environment which is rich in creativity and provides a wide variety of interactions with people and materials. We make every attempt to meet each child at his/her level and to identify special strengths and the need for support.

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