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Best Montessori School in Jacksonville FL | River Oak Academy

Our campus is nestled under century old Oaks along the Scenic
Bartram Trail, within two and a half acres of land within the coastal
plain of the Saint Johns River. We are located adjacent to one of the
major ancient sand banks that was at one time part of the River
Barriers Islands, coastal dunes, and estuary marshes. Our main studio
rests squarely in the center of what our founder has come to
affectionately call- The River Oak Park.
The River Oak Park is comprised of several gardens, nature trails,
nature outdoor classrooms, adventure rooms, tree houses, native
species collections; including a state-listed Wayside Butterfly Garden,
a green house & nursery bordered by age-specific play ways and
perhaps one of the nation’s most uniquely envisioned Perma-Culture
Farms that we call the TCBT Farm (The Connection Between Things

We provide an environment and holistic approach to learning. We focus on the children and skills that challenge them with meaningful and relevant work and play. We adhere to learning by doing’ rather than asking children to memorize. giving homework or teaching to the test.

We design each day of each session with multiple opportunities for experiential, co-operative. adventure and apprenticeship learning. We believe that helping children to learn by doing is highly engaging and empowering. We focus on skills for each quest that will enable them to participate in relevant real world projects such as our Children’s Business Fair.

Our campus is located across the banks of the Saint Johns River, tucked away in a beautifully wooded setting, nestled under century-old oaks along the scenic Bartram Trail. In an area that is rich with history that beckons all people who enter its gate with tranquility and a feeling of welcome.

Explorer Studio


Children’s Business Fair

Monday June 10, 2019

CHILDREN’S BUSINESS FAIR The Children’s Business Fair is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs ages 6-17 to explore business skills in a real-life environment. There are many studies that suggest that the environment children grow up in has a great effect on the person they grow up into. We create an environment…

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The Best Way to Teach is to Explore

Saturday June 9, 2018

If children know there is someone standing over them who knows all the answers,they are…

What we believe

Sunday June 19, 2016

We believe each child who enters River Oak Academy Saint Johns will find a calling…

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Sunday June 4, 2017

 I will never forget one of the most profound moments of my life was one…

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